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19 Feb 2011

New 7 Wonders of the World

Good Bye Borobudur:

In alphabetical order:
Wonder Location
1. Chichen Itza Flag of Mexico Yucatán, Mexico El Castillo being climbed by tourists

2. Christ the Redeemer Flag of Brazil Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro

3. Colosseum Flag of Italy Rome, Italy The Colosseum at dusk: exterior view of the best-preserved section

4. Great Wall of China Flag of the People's Republic of China China The Great Wall in the winter

5. Machu Picchu Flag of Peru Cuzco, Perú
View of Machu Picchu

6. Petra Flag of Jordan Jordan
The Treasury at Petra

7. Taj Mahal Flag of India Agra, India Taj Mahal

And one listing has honorary status: Giza Pyramid Complex
(The last remaining ancient wonder of the world) Flag of Egypt Cairo, Egypt Pyramide Kheops

Untuk lihat gambarnya silahkan klik : www.new7wonders.com


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